Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Here he is, sitting quite serene in the paddock on a nice quiet sunny day - he's now two weeks old (this picture was taken when he was 12 days old), and he's put on 5Kg (11lbs) in that time.

He is such a treasure, he is very inquisitive and enjoys the odd tickle under his chin, and plays by coming up to you and then running off.

Yesterday was injection day for the llamas, they needed 3 each, two under the skin and one into muscle - they have to have a "blue tongue" vaccine, the clostridium (I think that's how you spell it) and they all had a vitamin one as well. Young Nazca (it'll be Naz for short) took his better than the grown ups.

We're allegedly due a week or so of sunshine, and that'll see him come along quite quickly, and that will also mean more photos. We've got our own website now, and lots of photos are already uploaded there - check it out - www.ashwoodllamas.co.uk.

See you soon - we're going off on holiday soon, so housesitters are moving in for a week, need to work up a list for them! that could be a blog in itself.

See you soon!