Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm not very good at this!

Just realised that it is over two months that I last posted anything meaningful.

A New Year's resolution ought to be that I must blog at least once a week, but I know I'll break it.

I'm glad to say that the llamas are all doing well, although the weather in October & November was just too wet for anybody to enjoy it. Nazca is quite large now, big eyes, and the fur around his head makes him look like he has a hood on. His mum Lima is quite happy for him to wander off and explore, and Clara who shares the paddock/shelter is very placid, except when it comes to feed treat time.

I'm glad I got a really good stock of hay in, they munch their way through it though, particularly as the grass has stopped growing.

Wilbur & Cusco have got used to the bachelor life in the other paddock, but we have put some extra fencing up to cut the paddock in two as they were starting top mess just too much of it up! Wilbur though really does not like the wet, and has had a real sulk on for a while, and while we have had 3-4 days of dry weather where he perked up quite a bit, it is back to raining and him cushing down in the shelter, where he just munches on the hay!

Good investment those shelters!

Hoping the weather brightens up for the weekend, must take some more photos and get the website updated, and then time for another blog!