Sunday, 30 March 2014

Time to resurrect this blog!

Blogging has been off the agenda the last few years, but now, I think, the time is right to have another go!

A quick reminder, we are llama breeders based in North Devon, UK. We also breed Pygmy goats, keep lambs for short periods, have 4 dogs & a cat! Oh, we also have a small flock of chickens!

These little lambs are our latest additions!

Only 3 and a bit weeks old & drinking milk three times a day!

They will be with us until the autumn! While here they will be looked after very well & will have llamas as neighbours (who are already bored with them).

This chap isn't.

This is Lladdie, who we hope will assist us in rounding up the llamas when needed, but he prefers to keep an eye out for the lambs!