Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Talk about a difference...

This is Pico (or it might be Isco) full brother to our young Cusco. He's only 9 hours old, and look at him standing up so tall and so proud next to his mum Lima.

He just looks so much stronger than poor Tilly, who, with hindsight was born poorly.

However, we're not taking any chances. Tonight, it is forecast wet, windy and horrible, the back end of Hurricane Bill is coming through. Not a good start to life in North Devon, and not even a day old. He now has a coat on!

We have had him weighed, although not very accurately, and he is just over 20lbs maybe 22lbs. This is well above the minimum range, and we are happy with that.

Today has been a happy day, not done much work, and luckily a client cancelled a meeting yesterday, so no need to go out. I went out this morning to do my normal rounds, and Lima was no where to be seen when letting them in to the larger paddock where the grass is longer - unlike her. Popped up to the shelter and she was lying down, and when I got there she stood up and there was a head appearing, rushed back to the house to get Vicki, and by the time we got back he was all out, and struggling to sit up.

It can take a few hours for the cria to stand but he was up in 15-20 minutes, nosing around for food. He was on the move to pasture in less than an hour!

We have had a couple of chats with the vet, she is happy with the reports, tonight will be sleepless, with I suspect the odd trip out in the wet and windy weather to double check all is OK!

More pictures to follow!

Thanks for reading!