Sunday, 21 February 2010

The vet is coming tomorrow...

.. to visit young Cusco!

We need a clean dry spot for him to have his "operation", so today was spent shifting wet, soggy hay from the ground outside and inside his field shelter (he shares this with Wilbur). Whilst we clean the hay up from and around feeders on a regular basis the ground outside the shelter tends to be left so about 6 wheelbarrow loads of hay was lifted and shifted.

The inside of the shelter was given a good dose of Jeyes Fluid, which has subsequently meant that the boys won't go inside to eat, wary of the smell, which should disappear by tomorrow morning.

Cusco, poor lad, is a shade over 18 months old, and the operation he's due to have is the "chop". This will stop him getting too bolshy, and will mean that we can put him and Wilbur and the girls back together again, if we want to.

I hope the vet knows what she is doing, she has castrated plenty of alpacas, but this will be her first llama!