Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Unlucky 13!

On Friday we had to put our young male goat Jeddi to sleep.

He was born on a 13th, he was tag number 13 in our herd and he died on a 13th.

Not that I believe in any of that stuff but a coincidence none the less.#

Jeddi, along with his twin Jabba, were the first two goats that we can say were bred by us. His mum is Frostie, one of our retired girls, was one of four bought in girls, and Titan our first stud.

Jeddi was only 5 - a very young fit goat until last week, and in the space of two days, three visits by the vets (the last visit was with two vets) - he sadly had to be put to sleep. It appeared that he had crystals in his bladder and one was blocking the whole system causing great pain and distress.

The animals that remain are all in good health, although we have a few old girls that have typical old girl ailments. We have three girls in kid and hopefully by early March we will have a few youngsters bouncing around outside my office and that'll cheer me up no end!