Wednesday, 25 March 2015

We are very busy at the moment!

As are most farmers and smallholders, spring is the busiest season with plenty of offspring turning up to add to the headcount.

This spring we have had 7 young goats born, mum Lucky had twins, mum Munchkin had twins and Breeze, bless her gave us triplets. In total we now have 19 goats!

Here are the triplets, just a week old and already causing mayhem!

We are not expecting any new llamas this year, but we have bought in 15 young lambs, all either orphans or unwanted triplets. Aged between a day old and 2 weeks old when they arrived they are all doing well, except for some that need a heavy dose of antibiotics to get over an ailment called "joint ill" which is something they can get shortly after birth when they do not get colostrum in time, or are born into mucky surroundings. Something that is all too common in orphan lambs and in a wet spring where the weather does not do anyone any favours.

So, a headcount, 19 llamas, 19 pygmy goats, 14 chickens, 15 lambs, 4 dogs and a cat! No wonder we're busy!

Next up, get the incubator going and let's have more chooks!