Monday, 8 June 2015

A lame llama

This is Wispa, she's a bit older than this now, in fact she must be around 4 years old now, whereas in this picture she is closer to 4 months old. She is daughter to Willow, and sister to Cola & Llatte.

Yesterday morning she seemed to hobbling a bit, but she readily came up for food at breakfast time as usual, and she could obviously put weight on her foot, so we knew that she had not broken anything and we decided to leave it as we can all sprain a muscle (Gizmo the dog does it regularly) and within 24 hours it is right as rain again, and at tea time yesterday she fair jogged up the field for her food.

But, this morning she was even worse and so we called the vet out. Yes, she has just sprained her ankle, and apart from some antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory pain killer there was not a lot that can be done. She was given a good examination and feet checked for splinters or thorns, and so she is on rest and has been put into a smaller paddock away from the rest of the herd, but with her two sisters as company. She has further pain killing injections to have, lucky me, I get to administer these, 48 hours apart.

Let's hope it's a straight forward recovery!