Monday, 20 April 2015

Llamas on a sunny day - spot the dog!

What a glorious weekend weather wise - you could see for miles.

Our lamas are certainly enjoying the fine weather, although it is rather a nuisance that they are fussy about what grass they will eat as in our 3 acre field where we currently have 11 llamas, they are probably eating just half of the grass that is growing, the other half we have to get out and cut.

In the above picture you can see 9 of our llamas and Lladdie the dog. At the front is Lima, our herd matriarch  and she is very much the boss, she was also the first llama we ever owned and so it fits well with us that she is boss. She has given us 3 cria, Cusco our top guard llama, Nazca our biggest llama, although one of our nicest and Tallara a young female who herself is now a mum to Guinevere who was born only last year.

We have a plan to control the grass, and that is where the lambs come in - I'm hoping they're not so fussy!

If you want to come and visit us and our llamas you can - check out our website -  - thank you!