Thursday, 16 April 2015

Our Welsh Twins!

These two lovely goats are just over a year old now, bought from Richmor Pygmy Goats in Wales, hence the Welsh Twins.

Nugget & Noodle still live together in their own accommodation and are not quite full sized yet, but come the autumn will be old enough to be put with the billy goats and start their working life with us. We currently have four breeding nannies & two stud males, so these two will bring our breeding herd up to six. We also have three retired nannies and a wether who keep the two studs in their place.

This year three of our nannies produced seven young kids, two sets of twins and a set of triplets. One of the triplets is being bottle fed as mum cannot produce enough milk for all three. We had 4 boys and 3 girls. The girls will be kept and increase our herd still further, and with two studs they will not be interbred. We have been lucky and sold the four boys, one set of twins, and one each from the other two will be going to two new homes where they will be treated well and kept as pets. Both new owners are experienced farmers/smallholders which is great.

We offer a chance to come and meet our llamas and other animals via our website Ashwood Llamas, so if you would like to meet Nugget & Noodle please check out the website. Thank you.