Thursday, 17 April 2014

Trip to Wales and a pygmy goat update.

Earlier this week we went on an expedition to the Brecon Beacons in Wales in search of a couple of Pygmy goats!

Our little herd of goats is expanding. We currently have 15 pygmy goats including the two new arrivals and from next year we will be back to breeding quite a few of them.

We started our little pygmy goat herd in 2006 with the arrival of Fizz & Flo, two disbudded kids from Crealy Adventure Park, followed very quickly by Fudge & Frosty, two horned kids that were registered goats with the Pygmy Goat Club.

When they were 3 we decided the time was right for us to have a go at breeding and so we bought Titan, a proven stud, to get us started. A huge learning curve 5 months or so later when our first lot of kids turned up. I can remember watching YouTube videos as ours were birthing to make sure it was all happening as it should.

Our four F girls are now retired, the of them having to have C-sections last year, and whilst still old enough to breed we do not want to risk their health by making them go through it again.

We are now on to our N girls, Nugget & Noodle, who will be ready to breed from towards the end of 2015, and we also have an N boy, Nero, who will be ready to work this autumn.

We have Lucky, Mischief & Munchkin who will be ready to breed this year, along with Breeze (not our name, she really should be a J girl I think) will be ready to breed this year with kids arriving in the spring next year.

Here are the N girls, Nugget at the front & Noodle behind!