Saturday, 5 April 2014

We went to collect a new goat today!

No pictures yet, far too gloomy to do the little chap justice!

A best part of a 360 mile round trip to the other side of Southampton & back to collect Nero, our new stud Pygmy goat! He is only 14 weeks old, so a little bit of growing to do before he can start to fulfil his duties, but surprisingly he can start work at 7 months old, so can look to cover some of our younger girls this autumn!

On the way we went via Salisbury, but what a time consuming event getting through that picturesque little city was. We were making good time until we got there, so on the way back we came the more scenic route via Dorchester in Dorset, a few miles extra but probably 40 minutes quicker!

The movement license means that coming back, there was no stopping for any great lengths of time, a quick stop for a drink & a bar of chocolate to keep us going & one of us stayed in the car for the three minutes that took! Quite a long haul with no real chance to stop and stretch the legs, but the goat was happier with someone in the car with him I am sure. Mind you, he wasn't that happy being there in the first place, but tucked into some feed once we got him home, so we knew he was going to be OK.

Tonight he is in a small pen away from some of our other goats but within talking distance. Tomorrow, he will meet the boys and be introduced to his new quarters which a far roomier albeit a little spartan than where the girls sleep.

All is quiet now, and photographs & proper introductions will be made tomorrow.