Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A bank holiday!

I think it's Tuesday, a bank holiday!

Christmas Day was on a Sunday, Boxing Day on a Monday and we get an extra day off because Christmas Day was on a Sunday! A bank holiday, so what to do?

Well, here on our smallholding, it's much like any other holiday day, we start off by feeding the animals and then letting them out into their enclosures to while away the day. A couple of hours in the vegetable plot preparing the ground, a quick dash out to the shops, grab a sandwich, back to walk the dogs, a bit more time in the vegetable plot, an hour sat at the computer, and then it is time to feed the animals and put them to bed for the night!

In between times talking to our house guests, if they'll listen, clean out the boiler, eat, drink, that sort of thing. It's a bank holiday!

At least I did a couple of hours in the vegetable plot, I feel as if I have achaived something, otherwise it is just a waste of another day!