Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

We have had the grandkids with us this year, and so a hectic time, but enjoyable none the less!

I have, however, drawn the short straw this morning as grandkid number 2 has had a proper paddy and I am staying in to babysit while the others all go out for a long walk. He is 10 years old going on 14, and he feels the whole world is against him and it is everyone else's fault except his own. I guess we all went through it and he will come out of the otherside.

In reality it was a long day yesterday and he is over tired so bed is the best place for him.

I noticed that I haven't written a blog here since January earlier this year since I posted that our llamas were for sale. A very stressful time finished in January & we did manage to sell all but 2 of our llamas. The walkers went to work at an activity centre in North London, Nazca went to guard some alpacas in mid-Devon & the rest went up to roam on a 60 acre farm in Scotland!
So, that leaves with 2 - Lima, the first one we ever got and her mate Clara!

This is Lima with her son Cuzco, must be nearly 8 years ago now!

During the year we also sold of two big 3.5 acre fields to a local sheep farmer so a major downsize and believe it or not, this has given us a load more time to get on with things we wanted to do to make our lives that little bit easier.

We have around 2.5 acres left in approximately 5 areas, two of them are for the llamas,a winter field and a summer field, we have 15 pygmy goats in another area, we have two small flocks of chickens, and the rest is our garden area, which has room to grow vegetables, room to play, a small orchard and some wildlife areas. So, we still have plenty to do!

Including blogging, so here's hoping 2017 we will have time to be that little bit more active on the blog front!