Friday, 30 December 2016

It's just us - again!

Whilst it is great to have house guests, it is sometimes even better when they go home!

It's just us - again!

We have had a house guest or two, or 3 since 18th December, and finally it is just us again!

We had our 10 year old grandkid come and stay on 18th & he was joined by his mum & 12 year old brother on 24th December. They left us on 27th and on the 27th our youngest grandkid, just 2 years old, and her parents came to stay until today!

So, what are we going to do today?

Catch up with some chores! We have decided that apart from some milk we have plenty of human food but we are running low on goat food, a few treats for the chickens are required too, as they are locked up and cannot freerange they get a daily treat of some sort - today they had some apples, tomorrow they have a squash, and then we run out. I'll get some more apples, and see if they have some cheap melons or something that they will enjoy!

When we get back the chickens all need a good clean out as well and be given some fresh bedding. The goats yard needs a sweep too and our visting goats left yesterday and their pen needs a good clean out too!

The house needs a bit of attention but that can wait - animals first!