Tuesday, 3 January 2017

It's back to work!

Yes, it's back to work today!

The last official day at work was on 22nd December 2016, and today is teh first day back after a long winters break.

Or is it?

When you work for yourself, you check emails every day, even on Christmas Day, or at least I do! The computer is on to wish friends and family who live far away a Happy Christmas, and so therefore is the phone and as everything just happens automatically, when it goes bing-bong, you check to see who it is. Awful really.

Having said that we had house guests from 16th December until 30th and it was difficult to really do any proper work, so I guess I had a proper holiday. I got plenty done in the garden, ate loads, drunk even more, slept properly, and even exercised in that most days I got my 10,000 steps in! I didn't on Christmas Day, but we are allowed an occasional lapse.

So, today, was back to work day, and boy didn't I get a lot done!

I did a leaflet drop, I sent out a small mailshot, I had one appointment which I am hoping will lead to something, I updated my CRM, planned the first quarter, although I didn't quite set my targets, which I shall do in a minute, I even managed to do an hours worth of digging & weeding in the garden, did 13,000+ steps, had a chat with my manager this evening, had a nice chat with an old client looking to pick my brains and a 15 minute motivational chat with a good friend of mine (something we do each week).

The next few days I am back to my employed job, but this working for yourself lark, is fun!

What do I do, watch this space!