Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My chooks are still locked up!

My chooks are still locked up - DEFRA has extended the lockdown period until 28th February!

My chooks are struggling, so at the weekend I bought a new polytunnel - 6m * 3m - and today erected it over their coop. They are not in their coop, they are locked in a shed and will wonder what all that extra space is when they get back to the coop.

I also bought some ground disinfectant - DEFRA approved - to sprinkle over the ground, and tomorrow the ground will be sprinkled!

Some extra time will be needed to tie down the polytunnel so that it won't blow away in the first gale and I hope to do that on Friday and the chooks moved back on Saturday morning!

They'll be pleased, and so will I.

They'll have grass to run around on again and will be under cover out of the worst of the weather too, so hopefully the best of all worlds!