Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Feeling frustrated!

Every now and then I get frustrated, and today my frustration is all around the poor broadband speeds we get here in the sticks. I live a good distance from the exchange and at best get around 1.5Mbs which I know can be good, but the average speed that I seem to get is at the lowest of the proffered range which is close to 0.4Mbs.

At that slow speed, two laptops, two mobile phone and two tablets just freeze and to even see a 15 second video on facebook can take over 2 minutes to watch, so more often that not I just skip past videos as there is just no point trying to watch.

But my frustration is with the provider, who for this blog will remain nameless, and ultimately the salesman that sold me the service. I now know an awful lot more than the salesman and if I had known that before then I wouldn't have bought it, and the salesman should not have sold it to me!

A previous provider(s) can provide me with a service where the lowest speed is close to 1.2Mbs which is acceptable considering where I live, but can provide me with up to 2.1Mbs which is brilliant and we can do pretty much what we want.

The story goes on and the penalty for extracting myself from the contract is far greater than having a a new line put in for 2 years by one of those other providers, so all the promise of savings from this new provider go to paying for a decent broadband service from someone else!

The story of my life as I have in the past wasted hundreds of pounds chasing that elusive better broadband service, and am getting more and more frustrated with my own endeavours.

I do wish that salesman would have the gumption to apologise, that would make it a little better!