Wednesday, 4 January 2017

We are eating & drinking leftovers

We didn't really over buy this Christmas, but when you make meals we always freeze any leftovers as they make a quick & easy meal at some point, and we have reached that some point!

We have a chicken casserole for dinner tonight, just add a few fresh mushrooms when re-heating, with a jacket potato & that's dinner done - we even remembered to take it out of the freezer this morning to allow it to defrost first.

We had a chicken curry last night, and I think we have a beef stew tomorrow night, all yummy stuff the first time around!

But drinking too! Oh, yes, there are leftovers there too!

I had a glass of port after dinner last night - that finished that bottle off!

I bought a polipin of beer and there is a few pints left in there, so that's tonight's evening drink sorted. At the weekend I might just polish off that bottle of Bailey's, it'd only go to waste otherwise! In fact in the outside store there is enough booze to keep me going for a month or so, my house guests over Christmas let me down :-)

But, very little of it will go to waste, it wasn't just alcohol, there was a pint of whole milk, not normally seen in our house, but our granddaughter drinks it, but that last pint made a very nice refreshing drink one lunchtime! I think there's a few cans of diet coke too - the caffeine free variety - that'll get drunk at some point - 4 bottles of fizzy water turned up from somewhere too!

Cheese & biscuits with home made chutney seem to be a regular lunch at the moment, we had rather a glut of cheese leftover!

Mind you, it's not just at this time of year, that we eat leftovers, we do our best not waste much all year long!