Wednesday, 11 January 2017


A couple of days away to start this week.

My sister sadly lost her husband last year to cancer, a chap just a little older than me, and a really lovely bloke - one that you could spend plenty of time with and never really notice how long you were with them.

My sister is struggling a little with his loss, and it wasn't until I saw her before Christmas that it came home to me that I really to need to make more effort to see her. We, along with plenty of other folk, would visit to see her and her husband but since his passing we thought life will get back to normal but it doesn't, it never does & never will.

She mentioned in passing how in general visits had dropped off, and I thought, darn, I am one of those folk, and I must do something about it.

So, I did, we went to the pictures, or movies, and saw Rogue One, we had beer, wine & dinner out, we had a fun time, we stayed up until the early hours just chatting. We had laughs, we had a few tears, and we must do it again!

After all, I'm not that busy that I cannot find time out to show some love to my siblings!