Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oh dear, a lot of poorly dogs!

We have four dogs, Cookie our 14 year old Samoyed.
Pepper our 9 year old springer X.
Gizmo our 2 and a half year old springer.
And last but not least Lladdie our 2 and half year old collie!

This winter they are all poorly one way or another, we have Cookie who is on regular medication for getting old, arthritis is her main ailment but she is also suffering with incontinence and appears to have a bladder infection.

Pepper has just had a major bout of food poisoning, and had to spend a night in hospital being rehydrated, he is also a grumpy dog and has a bad back which no one can really do anything about. We think the painkillers he was on contributed to his food poisoning issue, giving ulcer-like symptoms.

Gizmo is a clumsy dog and is forever twisting or hurting a foot, it always seems to be healed the next day, but the day after he is limping again - just one of those things.

Lladdie, he is a fussy eater, and on occasions will eat something that doesn't agree with him. This morning he was a sick and his breakfast didn't stay down, too much llama poo for starters I think! He's bright enough in himself and tonight he'll be ravenous and carry on as if nothing had happened.!

The vet fees do mount up on occasion :-(

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another poorly dog!

This is Pepper - a poorly springer X jack russell!

On Friday evening he decided to eat something in the fields that he really shouldn't have and on Saturday morning he was so poorly that a visit to the vets was called for.

Exactly what was wrong with him was unknown, he had been sick and was pooping blood, he was dehydrated and needed fluid except he couldn't keep anything down, so he was admitted to hospital - luckily our vet is also a veterinary hospital - and he was put on a drip to get his fluid levels up, had blood tests to ensure he hadn't eaten anything poisonous and to ensure his vital organs were all working, which they were, given antibiotics as his white blood cell count was high.

Today, Sunday, he is back home feeling very sorry for himself, taking his medicine as he should and on a diet of bland food (boiled chicken and rice).

An expensive weekend!


Friday, 23 January 2015

Brrr, a cold start to the day here in North Devon!

The morning animal rounds always seem to be that little bit harder when the weather is really cold.

The animals are all extra hungry - grass not available for grub, plus they use extra energy to keep themselves warm - so it's extra rations.

They are thirsty as well, as all of the water buckets are frozen over, the ice needs breaking and they need topping up as well. Luckily for me, it wasn't that cold as the water butts were not frozen, so I was able to top up water without having to carry buckets from the house to the fields - now that's a job that really does take some time!

Thankfully, I didn't have to that today!

Sun is now warming up nicely!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Today we have a poorly dog!

This is Lladdie, our border collie.

Last night he ate something that really didn't agree with him.

He didn't wine or grumble, but he made a mess in his crate. This morning hew greeted me but looked very sheepish, as if to say sorry. He must have been standing for hours as it was only his feet that were dirty.

Poor thing is absolutely exhausted today.

He has been fed a very bland mix of boiled chicken and rice and tonight he'll get the same.

Hopefully a good nights sleep and back to normal tomorrow.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Time to start planting the seeds!

I know it is a bit early, but here in North Devon we have a milder weather than most, so I thought I would start the 2015 growing season by sowing a few seeds.

Tomatoes are a good one, last year I was harvesting tomatoes quite a few weeks before my neighbours and local friends, and so I hope to be doing so again this year.

I sowed the whole packet of Ailsa Craig, 20 seeds in all, and because of the early start I hope that I will get at least 6 plants although knowing my luck they will all take.

I also had a packet of "All Year Round" Cauliflower and sprinkled half of the packet in another seed tray and hope to get a few early cauli's as well.

Are you sowing your seeds yet?

Friday, 16 January 2015

The downside of a biomass boiler!

Actually there are two points to be made here.

Last year we had one of these installed:-

It's great, very efficient, despite having to manually load the pellets into the top. However, that is not really a downside as it is no worse than having to haul logs in to light the wood burner.

However, today we had a pallet load of 10Kg bags of wood pellets delivered, normally the driver drops the pallet on to our driveway and at my leisure I store them away to be brought into the house when we need them.

Today however, the driver couldn't use the tail lift to get them off the lorry, so today we manhandled all 96 bags of pellets off the side of the lorry and stored them away. Not really what I had planned but I guess it will save me a job over the weekend.

Yes, that is one downside, having to man handle the pellets off the pallet and stack them away.

The other downside is purely a green consideration - I now have 96 plastic bags to dispose of!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wet dogs!

No sooner do they dry out when they get wet again!

I guess the only way to keep the dogs dry is to not let them out, but trust me, working dogs like to be out whatever the weather, and do not seem to even notice whether it is hot, cold, wet, dry, windy or still.

With so much lying water on the ground, often in areas that are muddy the dogs are permanently dirty & wet.

I guess the only time they dry out is in the evening when they get to lie in front of the woodburner!

The only dog that doesn't enjoy this is Lladdie the border collie, he prefers to go to sleep in his bed and ignores the comfort of our living room!