Friday, 9 January 2015

A white fluffy dog and mud and poo!

Our old dog, Cookie, is a white Samoyed, seen here licking her lips!

She's a bit old now and her regular trip to the groomers have been halted as she cannot stand for the required length of time to be blow dried and clipped, so today she is looking a bit moth eaten as we have had a go ourselves.

The groomers used to clip her belly, as she gets such thick fur it never dried out, if left unclipped it not only gets wet it gets dirty too. She does like to walk amid, and sample the various animal poo piles that are around and she does get rather smellie.

So last night, at various intervals so she didn't get worn out, we trimmed her bum area, her belly area and her legs that were all getting a bit mucky with the wet weather and gave her a good brushing. She'll get a days rest and we'll finish her off over the weekend, she already looks a lot happier for our efforts. It was two handed job as she wriggled a lot!

Still, it'll be easier next time as long as we keep on top of it!