Wednesday, 14 January 2015

No snow here today!

There is no snow here today, plenty on the high ground on the moors apparently (Exmoor & Dartmoor) but none here.

Today is actually a nice day, some blue clouds, some wind, no sign of showers, but it is blooming cold out there.

Vicki & I are both suffering with colds, and have no intention of doing anything outside other than the bare basics, so a day in the office beckons.

Snow can be quite a tough time for us, less so for the animals, as they congregate in their shelters or stay in the indoor pens, but ensuring that they all have fresh hay to eat and fresh water to drink can be extra difficult to get done. We have been lucky this last year or so (better be careful what I wish for) with just wet & windy weather to cope with, no frosts to talk of either.

The frosts are the worst as we then have to carry water from the house to the animals as all the drinking water butts become frozen as well.

Roll on spring is all I can say!