Saturday, 10 January 2015

Building a pond - day 1.

Today after the 4th attempt the delivery company finally turned up with my pond liner (and free underlay) so it was time to start work.

The pond is going to be just beyond the path (going left to right in the middle) and in front of the fruit cage. The pond is going to be about 5 metres by 2 metres and at its deepest it will be about half a metre deep. It is going to replace two thin raised beds which have not been very productive recently and the wooden sides are starting to rot in any event.

I have just started to remove the rotted wood and lifting the slabs used as a walkway between the two beds in the above picture, but it gives a good idea as to length and width of the new pond.

The slabs have been moved to create a walkway between the pond and the fruit cage - we have quite a few raspberry canes in there - the drop in height from the path to the slabs is about half a metre and this will give us the depth. I have to build up a bank with the soil dug out of the middle to create the edges of the pond. The wood in the foreground is my level and I have just about got the bank done along that level and about 2 metres down the long side.

Back breaking work but I'm looking forward to having the thing finished in 2-3 weeks.