Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another poorly dog!

This is Pepper - a poorly springer X jack russell!

On Friday evening he decided to eat something in the fields that he really shouldn't have and on Saturday morning he was so poorly that a visit to the vets was called for.

Exactly what was wrong with him was unknown, he had been sick and was pooping blood, he was dehydrated and needed fluid except he couldn't keep anything down, so he was admitted to hospital - luckily our vet is also a veterinary hospital - and he was put on a drip to get his fluid levels up, had blood tests to ensure he hadn't eaten anything poisonous and to ensure his vital organs were all working, which they were, given antibiotics as his white blood cell count was high.

Today, Sunday, he is back home feeling very sorry for himself, taking his medicine as he should and on a diet of bland food (boiled chicken and rice).

An expensive weekend!