Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday is our busiest day!

Monday to Friday is office work days - days where I work for someone else to earn money to pay the mortgage.

The weekends are where we work on the farm.

During the winter months when daylight hours are few and far between, and more often than not it is when it is daylight it's raining, we need to cram in as much farm work as we can.

This weekend was no exception - Saturday, it rained all day - and Sunday was dry, so a major task, one that has to happen every 6-8 weeks or so is the major mucking out of the goats. We deep bed them which means that each week, we clean what we see and top up with fresh straw, but every 6-8 weeks we clean right to the bottom and muck everything out - pressure wash, spray with Jeyes Fluid (a disinfectant) and give them a deep bed of fresh straw.

The goats loved it - their play toys were put outside and they got to play outside while it was dry!

In the meantime we worked hard - filled up a compost bin with the bedding, a good 100 yards away - and then had to put away 30 bales of hay that were delivered in the middle of mucking out.

Still, all done now, and a well earned beer tonight is slowly being supped!